Europe - Train Service from AMS

For train service between SPL and Belgium, there is an intercity service

It is possible to book intercity trains between:

Amsterdam airport (AMS) and Antwerp (ZWE)

Amsterdam airport (AMS) and Brussels midi (ZYR)

These trains can be booked under 9B prefix flight numbers

The KL-9B routing has been added to the KL carrier preferred display in Amadeus and to all fares to/from BRU/ZWE and ZYR.

Note: BRU/ZWE,ZYR are considered part of the Brussels

metropolitan area (see DAC/BRU) and availability displays

requested to/from BRU/ZWE/ZYR might automatically also

display connections to/from all of these points.

Handling procedure

  • Ticketing on 9B prefixed flight numbers is only permitted on  074-ticket stock (GDS & direct sales) for travel to/from  Belgium and any KL/DL/KQ destination via AMS. (This restriction does not apply to Thalys trains)
  • No fuel surcharge (YR) applicable on these train-operated segments.
  • E-tickets must be exchanged for train tickets at the  international desks of the railway stations at AMS/ZWE/ZYR.
      for departures from Belgium this is possible from one day prior to scheduled travel.  Exchange at other railway stations is not possible the exchange is only possible on presentation of a validtrip summary receipt.
  • No train tickets are required for infants.
  • UMNR is not permitted.
  • Customers ticketed on KL WBC or DL BusinessElite /Europe Select (J,C,I,Z) and dl BusinessElite (J,C,D,S,I) will be provided with  train tickets in First Class as long as the connecting  booking class is clearly visible on the TSR
  • Baggage will only be checked to/from AMS. Normal check-in deadlines at AMS apply.
  • Coupons of the e-ticket must be used in sequence issued.
  • Refunds, when permitted by the fare rules, are only  possible if the e-ticket has not been exchanged for a  train ticket yet.
  • Groups may be requested on the 9B prefixed flight numbers  only after all names are inserted in the PNR.

 Thalys info

Service between Schiphol and Antwerp-Central Station (ZWE),  is carried out by Thalys high speed trains and marketed  under KL* numbers (KLM codeshare) e.g. KL2665:

   *KL2665  J9 C9 I9 Z9/AMS ZWE  0942    1126   E0/TM

 Because Thalys to ZWE cannot provide certain special  services, the following service requests must be *denied*:

  •    Odd size baggage (bike, surfboards, etc) not fitting in train baggae bin.
  •    PETC
  •    AVIH
  •    UMNR
  •    MAAS
  •    STCR
  •    WCHS/WCHC

    Note: passenger needs to carry own luggage to/from trains.

 Acceptance of ticket

Customers need to contact the Dutch or Belgium railways counter and present their e-tkt trip summary and receipt (or paper ticket) on the day of departure in order to obtain a rail ticket for the Thalys train booked.

Other specifics

  • The (e)tkt may does not have to be a KL (074) document.
  • Booking classes J,C,D,Z  will be 1st class train tickets other booking classes will be 2nd class train tickets.  If 2nd class is full psgr gets an invol upgrade to 1st CL.   if 2nd and 1st class are full psgr may choose the next  Thalys or the first available Benelux train in 1st class.
  • The minimum connecting time at SPL (Thalys <-> flight) is 75 minutes.
  • No flying blue registration.

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