Delta eCerts - Non-Cash Incentive Products

Delta eCerts can be redeemed for a variety of money-saving offers on eligible flights, including:

  • A specific dollar amount off the cost of an eligible fare.
  • A specific percentage off the cost of an eligible fare.
  • A specific monetary value that can be applied as payment toward a ticket.
  • A specific percentage off the number of miles being redeemed for an Award ticket.
  • A travel certificate that covers the cost of a ticket and requires the customer to only pay applicable taxes and fees.
  • A complimentary upgrade.

Depending on the terms and conditions, they may be combinable with other Delta eCerts or eCredits. To view terms and conditions of Delta eCerts go to 



Q1.  How are Delta eCerts VIEWED?

A.  To view Delta eCerts go to Click on “View Certificates and eCredits by Certificate Number” and enter a DL 006 13-digit certificate number. From here, you can view details of your certificate.

Q2.  How are Delta eCerts Redeemed?

A.  Please refer to the Redemption Instructions on the certificate for the redemption methods.  Most certificates (see terms and conditions) are redeemable on (see Q3 below for Upgrades certificates).  

Q3.  How are Upgrades certificates redeemed?

A.  There are two ways to redeem a Delta eCerts Upgrade certificate:

  1. Via GDS: Please refer to the certificate’s terms and conditions referencing the complete OSI message that is required.  The following part of the OSI message must be entered EXACTLY, in order for the PNR queueing process to work correctly:
    1. "OSI DL UPGD”
    2. “OSI KL UPGD”
    3. For Amadeus, either “OS DL UPGD” or “SK UPGD KL HK1-“ as applicable

      The above part of the OSI message must be entered EXACTLY, in the order as shown, and with spaces as shown, or DL will not receive the request.  In addition, the remaining information must be included in the OSI message as per the terms and conditions, including certificate number, redemption code, reference code, origin and destination.
  2. Via Delta Reservations: Please call Delta Reservations to redeem your Delta eCerts Upgrade certificate.

Q4.  Can I view or redeem a Delta eCerts on WorldAgent Direct?

A.  If you are a travel agency administrator, you can view Delta eCerts associated with your agency’s ARC/IATA number on WorldAgent Direct. Certificates are available to view on the “View and redeem my agency’s Delta e-Certs” link on the Agency Incentives tab.

To redeem a certificate, select a certificate from the displayed list and click Continue.  You will be automatically redirected to’s Book a Flight page, where you enter your flight details for redemption. Certificates are redeemed via

Q5.  Are Delta eCerts redeemable at the airport?

A.  No, most Delta eCerts (see terms and conditions) are not redeemable at the airport. Please refer to the answers in Q2 and Q3 above for further clarifications.

Q6.  Where can terms and conditions for Delta eCerts be found?

A.  Terms and conditions for Delta ECerts can be found at

Q7.  Are Delta eCerts valid on Air France and/or KLM?

A. Please check the terms and conditions of each certificate to determine which carrier they are valid on.   


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Book on and EARN MILES!*
*Terms Apply
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  • Please enter your 13 or 14 digit eTicketNumber.
  • Please enter your 10 digit SkyMiles number.
  • Please enter your 10-16 digit credit card number.
  • Please enter your Last Name on the credit card.
  • Please enter your 3 digit city code or airport name.
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