Onboard Medical Oxygen & Assistive Devices

Customers can bring their own approved portable oxygen concentrator on board for use during a flight by completing the steps below:

  • Make a reservation and purchase a ticket.
  • At least 48 hours prior to travel, have your physician complete the Physician's Statement and fax it to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) at the number listed on the statement.
  • Accept a telephone confirmation from UPMC after they have received the completed Physician's Statement.
  • Bring the completed statement from the customer’s doctor to confirm the need for oxygen during flight and the required flow rate.

Delta Provided Oxygen Service

Effective October 1, 2009, Delta no longer provides compressed medical oxygen. Passengers can still use one of the Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) listed below.

To rent a portable oxygen concentrator, please visit www.oxygentogo.com or call toll free 1-866-692-0040 for assistance.

Customer-owned Oxygen Units

We accept the following portable oxygen concentrators on Delta, Delta Connection, and the Delta Shuttle®. If the Delta ticketed flight is operated by another airline, contact them directly for their policy regarding medical oxygen requests.

  • Inogen One
  • AirSep Lifestyle
  • AirSep Freestyle
  • SeQual Eclipse
  • Respironics EverGo
  • Delphi RS-00400 (EVO Central Air)
  • Invacare XPO2

To use any of the above units, please make note of the following important points:

  • The AirSep Lifestyle device must have a sticker affixed to the inside cover stating “RTCA/DO—1600 21 category M Compliant” to indicate that it has been modified for air travel. If the AirSep Lifestyle device does not have this sticker, it will not be accepted for use on board.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators can't be used when seated at an exit row or bulkhead seat.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators do not count towards your carry-on baggage limit.

Customers will not be able to use other portable oxygen concentrators on board. They will be permitted as carry-on or checked baggage only under the following conditions:

  • It must be empty and free of pressure.
  • The battery should be removed and packaged separately or
  • It should have a recessed battery terminal and the packaged battery terminals should not contact any metal objects.

Personal oxygen systems containing liquid oxygen are not accepted on board any Delta or Delta Connection flights.

Assistive Devices

Assistive devices refer not only to wheelchairs, canes, or crutches, but also include any device that may be necessary in light of a customer’s disability to allow an individual to perform a major life function.

If a customer needs an assistive or non-oxygen-generating life-support device, like a respirator, nebulizer, or ventilator, they can bring it in the cabin for use during the flight, as long as it fits in an FAA approved storage location. Customers will need to purchase an extra seat at the lowest available fare if needed for equipment.

Delta does not provide any onboard power sources for assistive devices.

We can't permit wet-cell batteries in the aircraft cabin for safety reasons. We recommend the customer uses a dry-cell battery for equipment, since electrical outlets are not available on our aircraft.

Oxygen concentrators, other than those we've approved (see above list), CPAP, and BiPAP machines can be carried but not operated during the flight.

A medical screening form must be completed by the passenger and their doctor.



Permitted On Board DL

Medical Screening Required


Device used to assist with walking.

Yes, see stowage info below.


Heart Monitor

Device used to monitor heart rate.



Insulin Pump

Wearable device used by diabetics that is programmed to deliver different amounts of insulin at different times of the day.

Yes, as long as any RF transmission capabilities, if equipped, are turned off or otherwise disabled during flight.



Generates medication in a mist to be inhaled.



Orthotic Positioning Device (OPD)

Device or supportive brace designed and used to support weak/ineffective joints or muscles. Device will vary in size and appearance according to the individual’s need.

Yes, see Acceptance of OPD info below.


Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

Battery operated device which takes room air and filters out nitrogen and other impurities resulting in concentrated oxygen that  can be used in lieu of compressed medical oxygen for some people.




Administers artificial respiration (breathing). Breathing machine to treat respiratory difficulties by promoting ventilation.

Yes - provided no wet or gel type battery.

Yes, if to be used in flight.

Sleep Apnea Machine

(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

- or -

(Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure)

CPAP and BiPap machines will only be accepted if they have been tested by the manufacturer to comply with FAA safety regulations and display a label indicating that the machine is approved for use on an aircraft.  Additional review of testing data must be provided to Delta for approval prior to travel 



Reducing medicated liquid to state of vapor suitable for inhaling.




A chair mounted on wheels especially for the use of disabled persons.



Acceptance of Orthotic Positioning Device (OPD):

  • Device must be equipped with internal restraints which provide the individual positioned in the device with effective security and support. Cannot be attached to aircraft seat.
  • Device should allow the existing aircraft seat belt as the primary restrain device by securing it around the passenger while they use the OPD solely for support.
  • Passenger with an OPD can be assigned any seat except an exit row seat.
  • The OPD must not block any passenger’s exit from the aircraft.

Contact Delta’s GSC(800-325-0678) for information on transporting the Segway HT (Human Transporters).


  • Canes, crutches and other similar assistive devices should be stowed on board as follows:
    • In an approved stowage compartment.
    • On the floor secured between a non-emergency exit window seat and the wall of the aircraft.
    • Beneath any two non-emergency window seats if the cane/crutch is flat on the floor.
    • Under seats in the same row as long as it does not protrude into the aisle.
  • When an assistive device is stowed in cargo it receives priority over other cargo.

Delta Connection carriers follow the same acceptance guidelines as Delta with the following exceptions:

  • Wheelchairs cannot be stowed in the passenger compartment.
  • Oxygen, respirators, ventilators and onboard wheelchairs are not available.

Air France/KLM

Visit AgentConnect.biz for information about all of the special assistance services available for customer's with disabilities.


Visit alitalia.com to get information about the programs available for customer's traveling with disabilities.


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