New Technology Implemented to Assist Travel Professionals

New Technology Implemented to Assist Travel Professionals

In response to feedback from travel agency partners, Delta is implementing new technology that will allow travel agents ample time to make changes to a PNR and complete any back- end processes prior to requesting SkyMiles Medallion complimentary domestic upgrades.

The new enhancement allows travel agents to modify a PNR with a complimentary Medallion upgrade and take up to four hours to complete any necessary back-end processes and reissue the electronic ticket without having to contact Delta’s Sales Support Center for assistance. Once the ticket reissue has been processed, the PNR is immediately eligible for any applicable complimentary upgrade available.

Prior to the new enhancement, it was necessary for travel agents to contact Delta’s Sales Support Center to request the complimentary domestic upgrades be inhibited in a Medallion member’s PNR. This was necessary due to technology limitations that prevented travel agents from working in a GDS to process an electronic ticket reissue for a PNR with upgraded segments.

To help travel agents become familiar with the new complimentary Medallion upgrade process, Frequently Asked Questions related to the new enhancement are available below.

Delta continues to invest in technology that makes it easier for our partners to do business with us. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to identifying additional opportunities to enhance our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the new technology and how does it benefit travel agents?

A.  The new technology allows travel agents to make any necessary modifications to a PNR in their GDS and take up to four hours to process an electronic ticket reissue prior to requesting a complimentary Medallion upgrade, eliminating the need to call Delta’s Sales Support Center for every PNR change with an upgrade. 

Q. Do I still need to contact the Sales Support Center (SSC) to have an upgrade inhibitor placed on the PNR?

A. No, the new technology ensures the travel agent has up to four hours to change a PNR and reissue the electronic ticket prior to the request of a new upgrade. There is no need to contact the SSC to have an inhibitor placed in the PNR.

Q. The Member’s PNR upgraded within four hours of reissuing the electronic ticket.  Why?

A. The upgrade delay could fail if a PNR that was originally booked in a travel agency GDS is modified by Delta directly. The new technology is designed to inhibit a change to PNRs modified by a GDS.  For this reason, it is important to avoid asking Delta to assist with an agency PNR (e.g., booking segments, modifying the ticketing information, adding the upgrade inhibitor, etc.) whenever possible. However, requesting confirmed seat assignments, documentation of a PNR (SSRs, etc.) or the addition of a waiver from Delta should not cause the upgrade delay to fail.

Q. Once the necessary changes are made to the PNR and the ticket exchange is processed, will the PNR automatically be eligible for an upgrade?

A. Yes, after changes are made to segments within the PNR and the electronic ticket has been reissued, the PNR is immediately eligible for any available upgrades.  The upgrade will only be delayed for the full four hour period if the ticket reissue is not completed.


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