Mid-Atlantic Winter StormTravel Exception Travel Policy Bulletin 1 - March 4, 2013

TRAVEL EXCEPTION POLICY ADVISORY           Mid-Atlantic Winter Storm

BULLETIN #1                                                  ISSUED: March 4, 2013

Applies for tickets issued on or before March 4, 2013

Delta Air Lines is offering travel options for customers who wish to make a voluntary itinerary change because their flight plans may be impacted by the winter storm in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. 

ATTN WORLDSPAN (1P) USERS – Please note procedures below.

Note: DL/AF/KL policies may vary between carriers due to local operational circumstances and limitations.

DL/KLM (Air France information is located at the end of this document.)

Reason:                                             MidAtlantic Winter Storm

Dates of Impacted Travel:               March 5, 2013 through March 6, 2013

Applicable to Travel On:                  Delta / Delta Connection / DL Coded KLM operated /

                                                         KLM operated DL coded / KLM coded KLM operated / AF

                                                         coded DL operated/DL coded AF operated

Issued On:                                        DL 006 / KL 074 ticket stock

Affected Area(s) To/From/Through the following:

  • Baltimore, MD (BWI)
  • Charlottesville, VA (CHO)
  • Harrisburg, PA (MDT)
  • Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
  • Washington, DC (DCA & IAD)

Policy Information

Delta will waive administrative change fees and travel agents may rebook and reissue tickets provided the below guidelines are met and applied:

  • Travel has not commenced on the affected flight segment and the ticket has not been reissued by Delta
  • The first departure flight is more than 3 hours away
  • Customer has not checked in (If checked in, Delta must reissue the ticket)
  • Only one change is permitted under this policy (Bulletin #) without a change fee (Administrative Service Charge - ASC).
  • Tickets can only be reissued by the agency that originally issued the ticket
  • Bulk/Net Fare tickets must be referred to original issuing agent
  • Some affected itineraries may have been proactively rebooked and reissued. If assistance is needed with additional changes, please contact Delta.
  • Changes outside of these guidelines are subject to the reissue rules of the ticketed fare. This includes any applicable additional collection or administrative fees.

Applicable Dates

Applicable to tickets issued on or before:             March 4, 2013

New travel must originate on or before:               March 11, 2013

New travel must be rebooked no later than:         March 11, 2013

Ticket must be reissued on or before:                  March 11, 2013

Change to Origin / Destination

  • Changes to Origin / Destination are permitted and subject to additional collection for the new itinerary.  To reissue, apply the value of the unused flight coupon (s) and exchange to issue another ticket with the new origin/destination at current applicable fares. Collect any applicable fare difference at the time of reissue.
  • Change fee may be waived provided ticket is reissued within policy guidelines, PNR is documented with OSI and the applicable change fee waiver code is applied as noted in the waiver section below.

Minimum/Maximum Stay Requirements

Minimum/Maximum Stay Requirements may be waived under these circumstances:

  • When a change to the outbound travel occurs, the unaffected return date may be changed to protect the original length of the trip. The return travel must be booked in the original class of service.
  • Change fee may be waived provided ticket is reissued within policy guidelines. In addition, PNR must be documented with OSI and the applicable waiver code used and documented on ticket as noted below.

Applicable Booking Class

Rebook permitted as indicated below:

  • If new travel originates March 4, 2013 through March 11, 2013, book in same class if available. If same class is not available, ok to rebook in the next lowest class available up to and including Y class (cabin to cabin).
  • Fare difference and change fee will be waived provided the ticket is reissued within policy guidelines. In addition, PNR must be documented with OSI and the applicable waiver code used and documented on ticket as noted below.

If customers are unable to rebook or reissue their ticket within the given timeline, they can cancel their reservation and use the value of the ticket toward the purchase of a new ticket for a period of one year from the date of original issuance.

  • Change fee may be waived if customers reissue tickets on or before March 10, 2013, provided ticket is reissued within policy guidelines. In addition, PNR must be documented with OSI and the applicable waiver code used and documented on ticket as noted below.
  • Please note for tickets reissued after March 11, 2013, change fees will apply.

Future Travel Rebooking Options

  • Customers who reschedule their reservation for travel after March 11, 2013, and are able to reissue no later than March 11, 2013, may be subject to any applicable additional fare for their new itinerary, however, the change fee will be waived. In addition, PNR must be documented with OSI and the applicable waiver code used and documented on ticket as noted below.
  • Please note for tickets reissued after March 11, 2013, change fees will apply.

Required Documentation for Reissue


1. PNR must be documented with a valid OSI message:


2. The reissued ticket must include the proper waiver code based on rebooked itinerary.

  • Event waiver codes 
    • Use Waiver code 03042N for rebooking cabin to cabin
    • Use Waiver code 03042Cto waive change fee only, provided:
      • New itinerary is rebooked/ ticketed within all parameters of this policy
      • New itinerary is priced at current applicable fares and rules

Waiver code placement/GDS ticket information (WorldSpan (1P) Users – see note)

If no ticket designator is applicable, waiver code to be placed in ticket designator field

If a ticket designator applies, place waiver code in tour code box

If tour code box is not available, place waiver code in the endorsement field

NOTE: 1P USERS – WORLDSPAN  - If applying Rapid Reprice, please use the following procedure: 


  • Add OSI only:
    • Do not add the waiver code
    • Waiver code will automatically be added to endorsement info.     


Connecting customers’ enroute to one of the above-listed destinations or whose flights are diverted should work directly with the airport to rebook their travel.


If a customer’s flight is cancelled due to this event, and no other alternate flights are acceptable, travel agents may refund a totally unused non-refundable ticket(s) through normal ARC/BSP processing.

Required Documentation for Refunds

PNR must be documented with the following OSI message:


Travel agents may also utilize the Travel Agent Weather Event Online Refund form to submit a refund request in the following cases:

  • If a ticket has already been reissued by Delta or the ticket is partially used
  • Travel agents whose customers contact them directly to initiate the refund

Air France-KLM

Travel agents are advised to visit Air France’s trade site at www.afkl.biz to view the most up to date flight status information. 

To find current flight changes and rebooking instructions on at www.afkl.biz please follow these steps:

From the top of the Home Page:

  • Select the drop-down menu “NEWS & PROMOTIONS – AF-Schedule Changes – Daily Report/Flash” which will indicate current flight changes.
  • Select “Instructions” from the menu in the left margin for specific procedures on rebooking affected passengers.

For additional assistance in rebooking, travel agents may call Air France’s dedicated Travel Agency number at 1-800-446-9708 (1-800-363-5505 in Canada) or visit Air France’s trade site at www.afkl.biz.

Air France encourages all customers to check flight and gate status prior to leaving for the airport. For

complete travel information visit http://www.airfrance.com.


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