Delta Air Lines Economy Comfort Seats Now Available through Travelport GDS Systems

(April 9, 2013) Delta Air Lines is pleased to announce that beginning on April 9, 2013, Economy Comfort™ seating is available for sale through Travelport by travel agency partners in the U.S. and Canada who use the Galileo, Worldspan or Apollo GDS systems. 

The joint effort, originally announced in June 2012, demonstrates Delta’s commitment to providing corporate and agency customers the best possible solutions for ancillary products. (Click here to view the June announcement.)

Complete details related to the following topics are noted below:


Delta and Travelport have agreed to a phased approach for distributing the product to Travelport subscribers.

Beginning on April 9, 2013 – Agencies that subscribe to Travelport GDSs in the U.S. and Canada will be able to access the Travel Options Integrator (TOI), which will allow the ability to sell Economy Comfort seats. 

April – June 2013 – Through a phased approach, all agencies worldwide that subscribe to Travelport GDSs will also be able to access the Travel Options Integrator.

Economy Comfort booking instructions will be provided to travel agencies by Travelport.  Please note:  Agency customers using Travelport API Products are advised to please contact Travelport for information regarding installation.

Economy Comfort Features

Delta customers enjoy Economy Comfort on all two-class Delta flights worldwide, providing travelers with more options to work and relax, including:

  • Up to 50% more recline on select flights
  • Three to four inches (7-10 cm) of additional legroom
  • Complimentary beer, spirits & wine on international flights
  • Priority Boarding

Advance seat assignments are not available on Delta Shuttle flights.

Economy Comfort Availability, Complimentary Access and Discounts

Delta operated flights within the US and to/from Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

  • Complimentary Access: 
    • SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion, Flying Blue Platinum and Gold and Sky Team Elite Plus members and customers purchasing full-fare Economy tickets (Y, B and M fares) at time of booking  
  • 50% Discount:
    • Silver Medallion, Flying Blue Silver and SkyTeam Elite members at time of purchase

All other Delta Operated Flights

  • Complimentary Access:
    • SkyMiles Diamond and Platinum Medallion, Flying Blue Gold, SkyTeam Elite Plus and Alaska MVP Gold members and customers purchasing full-fare Economy tickets (Y, B and M fares) receive complimentary access to Economy Comfort seats
  • 50% Discount
    • Gold Medallions, Flying Blue Gold, SkyTeam Elite Plus, and Alaska Airlines MVP Gold members at time of purchase
  • 25% Discount
    • Silver Medallion, Flying Blue Silver, SkyTeam Elite and Alaska Airlines MVP members at time of purchase

Please note:  Economy Comfort fees may vary and are subject to change. For complete information on Delta’s Economy Comfort and to view Terms and Conditions, please click: Step Up to Economy Comfort.

Selling Delta Economy Comfort Seats

The sale of Economy Comfort seats will be enabled in the travel agency workflow. 

Travel Agents will be able to view the seat map indicating the availability of Economy Comfort seats, select a seat, process payment as well as have the ability to change a seat.  

Once the seat is successfully added or modified, Delta will send an Economy Comfort Seat confirmation number in the response.

Note: Economy Comfort seat sales:

  • Are valid only on Delta-marketed, Delta-operated flights and codeshare flights for which another airline is the marketing carrier and Delta is the operating carrier
  • Are selected or sold on a per flight (segment) basis
  • May be sold on ticketed or unticketed itineraries
    • All fare rules apply including ticketing time limits. In the event a PNR is not ticketed as required and is subsequently cancelled, the Economy Comfort fee will be refunded as noted in the Refund section below
  • May be sold on an un-flown segment in a partially flown PNR
  • All PNRs must include customer frequent flier number to validate appropriate pricing and discounts, if applicable, based on member status

Note: A $0.00 amount will be returned on a seat map for customers eligible for complimentary Economy Comfort seats as noted above


The Travel Options Integrator product will enable agencies to purchase Economy Comfort seats for their customers and settle the transaction directly with Delta. 

Form of Payment Information

The eligible forms of payment for Economy Comfort seats are credit cards. Currently, the following are accepted by Delta:

  • American Express
  • Carte Blanche
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • UATP
  • VISA

The Credit Card ID (CID) is mandatory for applicable credit card types as noted below:

  • American Express cards, the CID number is the 4 digit number located on the front of the card above the card number
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club cards, the CID number is the 3-digit number located on the signature strip on the back of the card

There is no CID number on Carte Blanche and UATP cards

Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

Voluntary Changes

  • Economy Comfort seats sold through Travelport may be changed to a different Economy Comfort seat on the same flight for no fee, if a different Economy Comfort seat is available                                                                                                   

Involuntary Changes/Schedule Changes and Irregular Operations (IROPS)

  • In the event a customer paid for an Economy Comfort seat and due to irregular operations (e.g. schedule change or flight cancellation) is not accommodated in an Economy Comfort seat, the customer may be entitled to a refund of the fee (See Refunds section below.)


  • Cancellation of an Economy Comfort seat is only possible when the flight segment cancels due to an irregular operation or if the passenger cancels his or her flight segment. The Economy Comfort fee refund will be automatically processed after the flight has departed or at the time of cancellation due to an irregular operation (See Refunds section below.)


The credit card transaction for the Economy Comfort seat sale is processed directly with Delta.  Therefore, refunds may only be requested through Delta.  There are two options to request a refund:

1.     Lift at Landing

2.     By request via

  • Lift at Landing
    • Eligible refunds will be processed automatically after the flight has departed. This process is known as “Lift at Landing”
    • The customer can expect to see the credit on his or her credit card within seven (7) business days after the flight has departed 
    • Refunds will not be issued in the event of an involuntary upgrade
      • Example: Customer purchases an Economy Comfort seat but is subsequently upgraded to First class seating. No refund of the Economy Comfort seat will be issued
  • By Request
    • If a customer requests a refund prior to the flight departure (Lift at Landing) or for past date travel, the customer or agency may request a refund via  Click “Applying for a Refund” and follow the process below:
      • Click on “Comment/Complaint?” on the home page
      • Complete the required information in the” Tell Us About Yourself” section
      • In the drop down box under “Tell Us About Your Experience” section,
    • Select: Passenger Refunds: Choose Domestic or International Travel
    • Select Refund of Unused Service / Seat Fee
    • Complete the remainder of the required information

Travelport Support Resources   

  • Agencies may refer to the Travelport communications or contact their Travelport representative for instructions on where to download the application, as well as, instructions on how to use the product 
  • Travelport Support Online assistance is available and will provide travel agents with assistance on technical issues or to ask questions. Agencies may click ASK Travelport or visit this link: 

Additional Resources

  • To learn more about Economy Comfort amenities and to view Economy Comfort Terms and Conditions, please click here   
  • To view previously issued Email Extras click on the links below:

Decision to Sell Economy Comfort through Travelport Systems Evidence of Delta’s Commitment to Corporate and Agency Customers

Delta to Sell Economy Comfort Through Travelport Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What ancillary products will be available for sale under Delta’s new agreement with Travelport?

A. Delta has agreed to make Economy Comfort available for sale to travel agencies using the Travelport GDS systems:  Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.

Q.  When will the Economy Comfort product be available for sale via Travelport?

A.  The Economy Comfort sales product is available through Travelport beginning April 9, 2013 in the U.S. and Canada.  Product distribution to the rest of the world is scheduled as a phased approach beginning in April with expected completion in June 2013. 

Q.  Why is the seat purchase not settled through ARC?

A.   The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD), the industry standard solution to settle ancillary fees, is not available for external transactions. In order to allow agencies to sell Economy Comfort seats as soon as possible, the credit card direct settlement with Delta enables agencies to provide additional products to their customers.

Q.  How will agencies refund unused seats?

A.  All seats sales are purchased directly with Delta and therefore all refunds are processed with Delta following the current refund procedures.  Agencies may direct customers to the refund process explained on line at Click Applying for a Refund for details.

Q. Why is Delta enabling the sale of seats through third party channels?

A. Delta is working closely with Travelport and other GDSs to ensure that Delta’s unique product offerings meet customer demands for an efficient and effective customer experience. Delta is committed to enabling the sale of products and services that are important to our customers.  Enabling the sale of these services in the GDS in a differentiated and non-commoditized way is core to Delta’s decision to enable access through third party distributors.

Q.  Will other Delta ancillary products be available for sale by Travelport subscribers?

A.  Not at this time.  Additional ancillary products may be considered in the future.


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