Delta Leadership Committee

Glen Hauenstein

Glen Hauenstein


Other Delta Leaders

Operations and Customer Engagement

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Jack Arehart, President – MRO Services  [Jack Arehart's Bio]
Allison Ausband, S.V.P. –  In-Flight Service [Allison Ausband's Bio]
Graeme Burnett, S.V.P. – Fuel Optimization [Graeme Burnett's Bio] 
Rhonda Crawford, V.P. – eCommerce [Rhonda Crawford's Bio] 
Ray Curtis, V.P. – Global Cargo Sales [Ray Curtis's Bio]
Steve Dickson, S.V.P. – Flight Operations [Steve Dickson's Bio] 
Sandeep Dube, V.P.– Customer Engagement and
    Loyalty [Sandeep Dube's Bio]
Charisse Evans, V.P. –
    Reservation Sales and Customer Care  [Charisse Evans's Bio]
John Fechushak, V.P. –
    Airport Customer Service – Detroit  [John Fechushak's Bio]
David Garrison, V.P. –
    Engineering, Quality and Planning  [David Garrison's Bio]
Sandy Gordon, V.P. –
    In-Flight Service Field Operations  [Sandy Gordon's Bio]
Jim Graham, V.P. – Flying Operations and
    Chief Pilot [Jim Graham's Bio] 
Dave Holtz, S.V.P. –
    Operations and Customer Center [Dave Holtz Bio] 
Greg Kennedy, S.V.P. – Worldport Operations [Greg Kennedy's Bio] 
Henry Kuykendall, V.P. –
    Airport Customer Service - New York-JFK [Henry Kuykendall's Bio]
John Laughter, S.V.P. –
    Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance [John Laughter's Bio]
Mary Loeffelholz, V.P. International Operations [Mary Loeffelholz's Bio]
Bill Lentsch, S.V.P. – Airport Customer Service
    and Cargo Operations [Bill Lentsch's Bio] 
Tim Mapes, S.V.P. – Marketing  [Tim Mapes's Bio]
Greg May, S.V.P. – Supply Chain Management [Greg May's Bio]
Don Mitacek, S.V.P. – Technical Operations  [Don Mitacek's Bio]
Mike Moore, V.P. –
    Engine and Component Maintenance [Mike Moore's Bio]
James Sarvis, V.P. –
    Airport Customer Service – Stations [James Sarvis's Bio] 
Steve Sear, President – International and E.V.P. — Global Sales [Steve Sear's Bio] 
Erik Snell, V.P. – Delta Connection  [Erik Snell's Bio]
Kristen Shovlin, V.P. – Sales Operations and Development [Kristen Shovlin's Bio] 
Bob Somers, S.V.P. – Global Sales [Bob Somers's Bio] 
Kirk Thornburg, V.P. –
    Corporate Compliance and Quality [Kirk Thornburg's Bio]
Cyril Turner, President –
    Delta Global Services and Delta Private Jets [Cyril Turner's Bio] 
David Watson, V.P. –
    In-Flight Services Business Operations  [David Watson's Bio] 
Andrew Zarras, V.P. –
    Airport Customer Service – Minneapolis [Andrew Zarras's Bio]


Alliances and Network

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Wayne Aaron, S.V.P. –
    Alliances and Partner Development [Wayne Aaron's Bio]
Jeff Arinder, V.P. – Partner Development [Jeff Arinder's Bio]
Bob Cortelyou, S.V.P. – Network Planning [Bob Cortelyou's Bio]
Vinay Dube, S.V.P. – Asia Pacific [Vinay Dube's Bio]
Joe Esposito, V.P. – Network Planning - America [Joe Esposito's Bio]
Nicolas Ferri, V.P. –
    Latin America, Mexico and Caribbean [Nicolas Ferri's Bio]
Gail Grimmett, S.V.P. – New York [Gail Grimmett's Bio]
Dwight James, S.V.P. – Trans-Atlantic [Dwight James's Bio]
Mike Medeiros, V.P. – Seattle [Mike Medeiros's Bio]
Charlie Pappas, V.P. – Alliances [Charlie Pappas's Bio]
Nat Pieper, S.V.P. – Europe, Middle East and Africa [Nat Pieper’s Bio]


Corporate Support

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Alan Arnold, V.P. – Deputy General Counsel [Alan Arnold's Bio]
Bill Carroll, S.V.P. – Finance and Controller [Bill Carroll's Bio]
Peter Carter, E.V.P – and Chief Legal Officer – and Corporate Secretary [Peter Carter's Bio]
Gary Chase, S.V.P. – Financial Planning and Analysis, Investor Relations and Corporate Planning [Gary Chase's Bio]
Chris Collins, V.P. – Global HR Services [Chris Collins's Bio]
Jay Fredericks, V.P. – IT Reliability and
    Infrastructure [Jay Fredericks's Bio]
Kiko Harvey, V.P. –
    Corporate Audit and Enterprise
    Risk Management [Kiko Harvey's Bio]
Roberto Ioriatti, V.P. –
     Pricing and Revenue Management –
    trans-Pacific [Roberto Ioriatti's Bio]
Shane Jones, V.P. – Corporate Real Estate [Shane Jones's Bio]
Rob Kight, S.V.P. – Global HR Services and
    Labor Relations [Rob Kight's Bio]
Matthew Knopf
S.V.P.—Deputy General Counsel [Matthew Knopf's Bio]
Craig Meynard, V.P. and Chief Accounting Officer [Craig Meynard's Bio]
Kenneth Morge, V.P and Treasurer [Kenneth Morge's Bio]
Matt Muta, V.P. –
    IT Innovation and Commercial Technology [Matt Muta's Bio]
Andrea Newman, S.V.P. – Government Affairs [Andrea Newman's Bio]
Eric Phillips, S.V.P. – Pricing and Revenue
    Management [Eric Phillips's Bio]
    Pricing and Revenue Management – Americas [Victoria Forbes Roberts's Bio]
Matt Schrag, V.P. –
    IT Revenue Technology and Data Analytics [Matt Schrag's Bio]
Holden Shannon, S.V.P. – Corporate Real Estate [Holden Shannon's Bio]
Todd Spaude, V.P. –
    IT Architecture and Global Airline Solutions [Todd Spaude's Bio]