Customized Compliance Training

Delta offers a variety of training programs designed to help develop your workforce. And we can customize any of our training modules to best suit your business needs. To schedule training or inquire about pricing, contact us.

Training consists of aircraft familiarization, emergency equipment, aircraft systems and door and window operations. Equipment training is offered for the following aircraft: B-727, 737, 757, 767, 777, MD-88/90 and MD-11.

Crew Resource Management

This course stresses the importance of communication and teamwork among the flight and cabin crew. Covers such topics as situational awareness, distraction management, leadership, conflict resolution and decision making in a lively and interactive format.

Customer Service 101

This course provides an introduction to in-flight considerations such as flight attendant duties and responsibilities, grooming, time management, service-related cultural and religious awareness and business etiquette.


Customer Service 201

In-flight duties and responsibilities are covered in this course, including various aspects of in-flight dining, wine and beverage service.


Customized Initial Flight Attendant Training

This program provides new flight attendants with an overview of the airline industry, concepts of flight and extensive safety and service training. It also offers rigorous emergency and first aid training, as well as covering the customer service skills necessary for achieving excellence in today's competitive airline industry. It utilizes computer-based training, classroom presentations, participant role plays and extensive hands-on-training in simulators and mockups. Initial flight attendant curriculum is fully customizable based on client and FAA requirements.

Customized Recurrent Flight Attendant Training

Provides currently-qualified flight attendants with review, practice, and proficiency checks on the type of aircraft they fly. Recurrent training emphasizes emergency procedures and first aid training, as well as other safety and/or security-related topics that are identified as needing special emphasis. Fully customizable based on client and FAA requirements.

Emergency Procedures Training

This program is designed to complement both our initial and recurrent flight attendant training programs. Emergency procedures modules are available and can be customized to meet the needs of each client. Each module emphasizes hands-on drill and practice activities for each student.

Flight Leader (Domestic)

For the flight attendant who supervises other flight attendants on domestic flights and has responsibility for the flight. This module also covers cultural and religious awareness, as well as business etiquette required for the global marketplace.


Flight Leader (International)

This program is geared toward the flight attendant who supervises other flight attendants on international flights and has responsibility for the flight. It covers effective briefings, communication and teamwork skills, how to provide coaching and feedback to others, and rules, regulations and security issues pertaining to international flights.


Fundamentals of Aviation for Flight Attendants

This course presents an introduction to the fundamentals of flight and is usually provided with Initial Flight Attendant Training.


International Flight Attendant Training

Safety, paperwork, and service issues are discussed in this course, as well as passport and customs regulations that are specific to international flights. This module also reviews cultural and religious awareness as well as specific business etiquette required for the global marketplace.


Operational Experience Supervisor

This course focuses on the desired flight attendant performance onboard the aircraft. It also discusses when coaching is and is not acceptable, how to provide objective feedback and how to resolve conflict.


The role of the flight attendant in preventive security is covered, along with an updated overview of security issues and procedures. This course is based on the most current information from the FAA, TSA, and DOT and makes extensive use of case studies and role-play activities.