On Time Express Claims Requirements

All claims must be submitted on a standard transportation claim form and, at a minimum, must be supported by:

  1. A copy of the Bill of Lading
  2. A copy of the delivery receipt (if applicable)
  3. Documentation supporting the value of the damaged or lost items.
  4. Documentation supporting the weight of the damaged or lost items.
  5. A copy of the repair invoice or estimate, or a statement from a certified repair technician as to why the goods cannot be repaired.
  6. Loss/Damage inspection report (if one is performed)
  7. Any additional information or pictures that may pertain to the claim.

Navigate to On Time Express Claim Form

OTS Claim Form

Go to www.OTEXP.comopens in a new window

Select ‘Downloads’ from the On Time Express website

Click on Claim Form

Complete and Send Claim Form

  1. Print a copy of Claims Form
  2. Complete all applicable fields Loss and Damage Claim form (pictured below)
  3. Scan copy of completed form
  4. E-mail the form to Jeff Clark at jclark@otexp.com
OTE Claim Form