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International Requirements and Freight Terms

International Requirements


All international shipments regardless of being COMAT or commercial carrier shipments must follow the Delta Corporate Policies as found in TOPPS manual, document number 60-70-05, and at a minimum must include:

  • Fully Completed International Airway Bill
  • A Commercial Invoice*-including actual Country of Origin and Value
  • Accurate and Full Product Description with Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number
  • Customs invoice
  • Designated Customs Broker: Kuehne & Nagel, Inc. UPS or FedEx contingent upon who the shipment was tendered to on and the associated value or the shipment.

Distribution of copies

  1. Copy affixed to package
  2. "On board" copy attached to Air Waybill/shipping documents

Content Requirements

  1. Name/address of manufacturer of merchandise
  2. Name/address of distributor, supplier, or repair facility, if different than manufacturer
  3. Name/address of ultimate consignee ("Deliver to" address)
  4. Purchase/service order Number and Buyer name
  5. Complete description of merchandise in English
  6. Manufacturer's part number (include serial# if applicable)
  7. Stock number(s) (if known)
  8. Country of origin (country of manufacture) of each unit**
  9. Quantity of each and unit price
  10. Total Customs value
  11. Total no. shipping cartons with gross and net weights
  12. Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number

Shipment of repaired items requires:

  1. Customs value of item(s) prior to repair
  2. Cost or value of repairs for each item (parts + labor costs inclusive)
  3. Total value of item(s) after repairs completed
  4. Repair Affidavit (noting the following) I declare that the articles herein specified are the articles which, in the condition in which they were exported from the U.S., were received by us for the sole purpose of being repaired or altered; that only the repairs or alterations described were performed by us; that the full cost or (when no charge is made) value of such repairs or alterations are correctly stated; and that no substitution whatever has been made to replace any of the articles originally received by us from the owner.

NOTE: A separate standard "Repair Declaration" may be prepared and attached to the Customs invoice. The repair declaration should include items 1 through 4 above and should note whether repairs were performed under warranty or free of charge for required modifications.

Contact Kuehne & Nagel for additional assistance:

MSP at, 651-688-6645, fax 507-216-0661
DTW at, 734-946-5200
ATL 24 hour AOG at, 404-682-4400

Customs Clearance:
Kuehne & Nagel Only
US: 800-937-6610
US: 404-675-2815
or Local K&N Office


*If a copy of the actual commercial invoice for the transaction is not available at the time of shipping, vendors will be required to provide a pro-forma / World Wide Shipping invoice.

**See Certification of Origin requirements

International Freight Terms

Door-to-Door service must be selected for United States Imports and Exports




Non-U.S. Supplier

Non-U.S. Delta

U. S. Supplier

ExWorks (EXW)

ExWorks (EXW)

U. S. Delta

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)




U.S. Supplier

U.S. Delta

Non-U. S. Supplier

ExWorks (EXW)

ExWorks (EXW)

Non-U. S. Delta

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)