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If you reside within the United States or Canada and have inquiries about Delta's Group Travel programs or the status of an existing agreement, please complete the following form. For group travel departing from Japan, please contact a local travel agency to inquire about Delta's group travel programs. All other residents please call 1 800-532-4777 or your local Delta Reservations office.

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A group must consist of at least 10 passengers, all passengers of the group must have at least one common flight segment. (Combining one way and round-trip travelers within a group is permitted.) If you do not meet the requirements of a group, please book your trip via






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Groups traveling together with large sports equipment (skis, golf clubs, bikes) or musical instruments may not be able to have all the equipment accommodated on the same flight due to weight and size restrictions of some aircraft types. Please ensure you advise us when transporting large items.


(e.g. excess baggage, sporting equipment, children traveling with the group, wheelchair services requests, etc)   Note: If more than one request has been submitted, please list the event number with each comment.